The concept of a DIET of number vibrations

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We receive vibrations from a multitude of sources. Many of these vibrations can be expressed in number - our name, date of birth, partner's name, home address, how we decorate our homes, name of an organisation for which we work, job title, phone numbers, unique numbers on personal official documents such as passports, National Insurance, etc.

None of these describes the essence of ourselves. They are vibrational influences upon us of varying strengths. The vibrations of our name in its various forms will be the strongest because it is spoken, written, and applied to us most frequently; and we acknowledge its relevance when we introduce ourselves or sign a document.

If we are to do a complete job when we analyse somebody's numerology, we need to take account of their whole "diet" of number vibrations.

It is helpful to look at this in different sections of the life:

  1. personal
  2. domestic and social
  3. work
  4. other
...and then add these in the ratios of their relative strength to see an overall picture.

Some of the elements which make up the diet are within the control of the person - so they can adjust their diet if they wish. We would need to explain the qualities of each of the numbers so that any diet adjustments can be made in an informed way.

The diet does not need to be "equalised". The person may prefer a predominance of a particular vibration. We do not eat equal quantities of every food (imagine bread made with equal quantities of flour and salt). Likewise vibrational diet should be a matter of informed personal choice.

In order to make diet choices we use the grid below to look at the existing situation, marking what numbers are present.

For example, a birth date of 12th August 1952 (19520812) would be shown:

Grid for 19520812 placing a mark in the appropriate square for each digit in the date. So we see that 1 and 2 are the strongest here, and 3, 4, 6, and 7 are absent in this case.

Before we get lost in the detail of the individual digits, we must see how we can take an overview of the pattern and balance.

The first article in this series (see archive) looked at the same grid from the view that:

The first column is yang, cardinal, and can be attributed to Osiris (or any other broadly balanced manifestation of the great male archetype).

The second column is yin, fixed, and can be attributed to Isis (or other suitably general female archetype).

The column on the right is tao, mutable, and can be attributed to Horus (or other matured child-merger of the 1 and 2).

So we can see the grid as made of its three columns and three rows. We look for any rows or columns which are either empty or overcrowded.

In our date example, the Principles row and the Isis column are the strongest, with four marks each. Of the two, the Isis column may be seen as slightly stronger, because its four marks cover all three boxes, whereas the 3 box is empty in the Principles row.

No column or row is empty, but the Human row and the Horus column are sparse.

The strengths are orientated around the 2, because both the line and the column of the 2 are strong. So the 2 could be seen as stronger than the 1 in this case, despite its having the same number of digits present in the date.

Staying in the area of personal vibrations, rather than domestic or work, let us now add the name into this analysis.

Steven Jones
125455 16551

After taking a line-and-column view of this name, we would add the name and date grids together thus:

In terms of column and line additions, the only lack is orientated on the 9. Strengthening the 9 alone would bring all columns and lines towards reasonable balance.

That observation is not intended to suggest that we should strengthen the 9. Steven Jones, born 12 August 1952, may be quite happy without the 9 in the mix of personal vibrations he receives. Or, after discussing the options, he may prefer to introduce some (presently absent) 3 and 7, which would be another way of bringing the lines and columns into balance if he wants that. We will look at how to make such adjustments ahead here.

The present distribution shows a very strong 5 (communication), backed up by a strong 1 (independence) and 2 (receptiveness). The subject may not want to make any changes which change the priority of those strengths.

We should also take account of the balance between odd and even numbers. Odd numbers are traditionally seen as male, and even female. There are degrees of male-ness and female-ness. The 1 and 2 being the extremes, whereas 3, 4, and 5 each have some degree of tendency towards the hermaphrodite. See here the patterns formed by odd and even within our grid - a dance?

Adding Steven's odd and even digits, we find 12 odd with 6 even. So there is a predominance of masculine influence in the vibrations he receives from his name and birth date. Again we may not want any adjustments, but we do need to be aware of this factor when building an analysis.

We would then look at the home-social diet with:

Then look at his work diet with:

Finally ask the client if there are any other important areas such as voluntary work, sports, hobbies, societies or other activities which are a major part of their life.

We have been through examples of the technique, so there is no need to repeat it for all the elements of a hypothetical example here. However we do need to look at the concept of weighting the relative strengths of the factors making up the diet.

Final decisions about weighting must be made after discussions with the client. If the client says their job does not mean much to them, than we should give work factors a lower weighting than normal.

What is normal?
How do we do the weighting calculation?
The following is suggested as a starting point, from which we can make variations according to the needs of specific cases.

Personal group
Name (in whichever form the client says is the normal name they use when introducing themselves) = 6
Date of birth = 4

Home-social group
[Include the clients name here when this group is being evaluated separately.]
Partners full name as used socially = 2
The names they call each other = 5
Home address = 3

Work group
[Include the clients date of birth here when this group is being evaluated separately.]
Name of the work organisation = 3
Bosss name = 2
Job title = 1
Work address = 1
Names of close colleagues = 1

The technique is to multiply the frequency-of-occurrence of numbers by their weighting, then add the frequency-times-weighting of each digit.

Working out the name and birth date only for our example person:

NameFrequencyWeightingTotal score

Date of birth

 FrequencyWeightingTotal score

Accumulating the name and birth date


Use the same procedure for the other factors in the diet to create an overall diet picture. Please remember to adjust the weighting factors to suit the individual person. The weighting factors listed here are generalised starting points only.

Usually a full numerology analysis would be used to help the client understand the vibrational influences they receive - without any intention of changing the vibrational diet.

How to make adjustments to the diet

How can we feed ourselves with the vibration of a particular number on the rare occasions when we feel we could benefit from that?

The obvious solution is to place the relevant Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle in a suitable position within our home, or in our place of work if the perceived deficiency is in the work area.

Or we could use the two Pomanders of the colours of the bottle whose number we seek.

We could also use the shape associated with the relevant number:

Or we could arrange objects in our home into groups of the relevant number - pairs of objects for the 2, or nine flowers in a vase for the 9.

Or we could take a talismanic approach: carrying the symbol of the number on paper in our pocket, or writing the number itself on a small paper in our purse or wallet, or carrying the appropriate number of tiny crystals or beads in a small bag.

All these techniques focus our mental and emotional attention on the number, so that we imprint the numbers vibration within our own consciousness. Of course this can be done without any physical props, but the physical embodiments can help to start the process. Meditation on the number, its meaning, and its associations would be the purest approach.

Next month we will look at the traditional "secret keys" to the numbers.

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Number is just one part of our vibrational diet. Astrological influences are clearly another. Of what further categories of vibrational diet could or should we take account?

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