The Traditional "Secret Keys"

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Every number has a special relationship with a higher number which is its secret key. Different terms have been used for this idea by different people at various times.

Secret Keys
(Traditional since before 1300)
Secret Keys
(Traditional since before 1300)
Mystic Keys
(Traditional, unknown date)
Essential Roots
(Papus 1865-1916 and followers)
Triangular Numbers
(Mathematicians from ancient Greece to modern times)
Triangular Expansions
(Modern Esoteric)
Expansions of Numbers
(Modern Esoteric)

All these expressions mean the same thing.

This very old concept is born out of the idea that the numbers came into existence sequentially. The subsequent logic is illustrated in the following example:

"If the 4 exists, then 1, 2, and 3 must exist. The existence of 1, 2, 3, and 4 together holds the promise of the 10 because 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 = 10. So the 10 is seen as the blossoming of a concept which had its seed in the birth of the 4. The 10 is thus the key to the 4, and we cannot fully understand the 4 until we have understood the 10."

First here we look at why the keys are called "triangular", next how secret keys can be seen among the Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles, then we look at the numerology detail behind the same inner concepts. Finally we look at the special case of perfect numbers among the keys.

There are many sequences of number used by mathematicians. From the numerologist's viewpoint, this triangular sequence which gives us the secret keys is by far the most important.

Triangular numbers

The sequence of these special numbers is called "triangular" because as each number is added, a larger triangle is formed. When 2 is added to 1 we get a triangle with 2 levels containing 3 spots as the second in the sequence. Then add 3 and we have 6 spots in 3 levels, showing that 6 is the secret key to the 3. Adding 4 gets us 10.

More concisely, we can continue the sequence expressing only the number of levels and spots in order to find the secret key (spots) to each successive number (levels).

The sequence continues indefinitely as we just keep adding the next number in order:

Then 105 for 14, 120 for 15, 136 for 16, 153 for 17, 171 for 18, 190 for 19, 210 for 20, 231 for 21, 253 for 22, … and so on indefinitely.

Relationships within the Bottles

It is well worth laying out Equilibrium Bottles 1 to 14 next to their secret key Bottles. What is given in the text here is a small glimpse at the tip of a very large iceberg.

The key to 1 is 1 Bottle 1 Bottle 1 Unity is unchanging.
The key to 2 is 3 Bottle 2 Bottle 3 Peace blossoms in the heart. (colour theme)
The key to 3 is 6 Bottle 3 Bottle 6 The heart's desires motivate our energy.
The key to 4 is 10 Bottle 4 Bottle 10 The effect of sunlight is shown in nature.
The key to 5 is 15 Bottle 5 Bottle 15 Wise energy enables healing; and the teacher is recognised by their healing.
The key to 6 is 21 Bottle 6 Bottle 21 Right energy enables new beginnings.
The key to 7 is 28 Bottle 7 Bottle 28 The faith in and the achievement of finding the right space.
The key to 8 is 36 Bottle 8 Bottle 36 Self-acceptance births compassion.
The key to 9 is 45 Bottle 9 Bottle 45 Our deepest inner cave reaches beyond the physical. (colour theme)
The key to 10 is 55 Bottle 10 Bottle 55 Harmony sees beyond the sacrifice. (colour opposite)
The key to 11 is 66 Bottle 11 Bottle 66 Compassion becomes all-embracing. (colour theme)
The key to 12 is 78 Bottle 12 Bottle 78 Enlightened peace becomes all-transcending.
The key to 13 is 91 Bottle 13 Bottle 91 Change births a new colour and a principle whose time has come.
The key to 14 is 105 Bottle 14 Bottle 105 Wisdom sees into the eyes of our friend at the gates of birth and death.

Numerology Detail

1 as the seed of everything is the key to 1 as unchanging unity. The 1 needs only itself, but it gave everything in order to experience itself.

2 is receptiveness, whose first action is to make the 3 by totally merging with the 1 whose change gave her birth. When only the 1 existed the situation need not have changed. When the 2 is born all the other numbers must come into existence, because 1 + 2 = 3 and so on. The 2 is fulfilled in 3, so she can subsequently manifest her wisdom.

3 is creativity, and its key is the 6 of Love and the Macrocosm. This is the most intense and absolute of the secret keys, because not only do 1 + 2 + 3 = 6, but uniquely 1 x 2 x 3 = 6 as well, and multiplication is a more intensive function than addition. For 2,500 years philosophers have been saying "There is only 1, 2, and 3. Everything else is just a function of those great principles". These three principles come together as the Macrocosm of Love. So love (6) is the key to creation (3). The six-pointed star symbol of the 6 simultaneously shows us the point-up triangle of the 3 as it is born, laid over the point-down triangle of the experience it goes through to evolve.

4 is the number of stability, illustrating the 4 elements and the Four Worlds they represent. Earth is the 4th World and the 4th element, but on the Tree of Life the 10th Wheel of Light is the earth, called the Kingdom. We can't see why earth is 4 in one knowledge system and 10 in another until we understand that 10 is the fulfilment of the 4's birth. They are two forms of the same concept.

5 is communication and its key is the 15 of discernment. Could this tell us to be discerning about what we communicate or how we communicate it? It helps to see that the other relationship between 5 and 15 is in multiplying the 5 by the 3 who epitomises creativity. Perhaps the discernment is between what is creative and what is not. The 5 is also the number of the microcosm (human being), seeing the human as primarily a vehicle of communication in the Source's desire to experience itself. We discern the physical aspects of our environment with our 5 senses, but the 15 asks us to use a discernment beyond that. Absolute discernment requires communication on three levels (5 x 3): communication with the world outside, communication within the self, communication with the Above.

6 is called Love (one of the few old traditional names of number) and the is number of the Macrocosm. Its key 21 shows the great male and female archetypes each playing the role of the other (2 in the 1st position and 1 in the 2nd). They get together three times in the story of number. First in the 3 by merging with each other, then in the 12 as companions being themselves, now in 21 they each reach total understanding of the other by actually being the other. The 21 is the final manifest form of their two-way love, so we can see why it is the blossoming of the 6: the fulfilment of the promise of the 6.

7 is the Triumph of Spirit over Matter, illustrated by the triangle over the square. 28 is the expansion of the 7, and it happens to be 4 x 7, so it shows the 7 manifesting in the Four Worlds. The Jacobs Ladder extrapolation of the Tree of Life in Four Worlds shows 28 Wheels of Light, so we could see that as the secret key to our 7 chakras.

8 is the number of the law, all spiritual and natural laws but especially the law of karma. Its two loops show the faces of the Macrocosm and microcosm illustrating the "as above so below" law. The key to 8 is 36, the sixth square, 6x6 is the 6 of the Macrocosm taken up a dimension (and there are 6 faces on a cube). This links the 8 with the Macrocosm in a different way. The shape of the 6x6 echoes the graphic of the 8 which is two squares as the un-carved block of the primordial universe showing two viewpoints of the four elements. The 36 is in the family of the 9 as it reduces (3 + 6) to 9, so the 36 hints that there is mystery in the law.

9 is the number of mystery, and the evolved form of the three. Its key is 45 which shows the microcosm (5) coming into harmony with the 4 elements, and the Worlds they represent. The 45 as 9x5 is an intense relationship between the microcosm and the mystery, telling us that this mystery is one that we (the microcosm) should investigate. This 9 x 5 is the 9 manifesting at 5 levels, not just the normal Four Worlds but also the æther beyond and throughout them. Note that the 45 is in the family of the 9 by its 4 + 5 reduction - the first time this has been the case since the 1.

10 is meditation. Its key is 55, which reduces (5 + 5) to 10, then the key to the 55 is 1540 which also reduces to 10, and 5050 is the key to 100, so we have a very integrated family here. The 55 is the 5th solid pyramid number, evoking the symbolism of the pyramid taken to the 5th (æther) level. The pyramid has connotations of initiation and perpetuity, and the Great Pyramid's proportions show a relationship between the circle (spirit) and the square (matter). The 55 is also the 10th Fibonacci number in the sequence of natural growth and perfect proportion. In the 55 the microcosm (5) faces itself. Between the pyramid, the Fibonacci sequence, and facing ourselves the 55 gives us rich additional levels to supplement our meditation in the 10.

11 is power: the power of the 1 being able to face itself, and the power of the Macrocosm (6) and the microcosm (5) united as 5 + 6 = 11. Its key is 66 wherein the Macrocosm faces itself, which is what it wanted to do in the first place in the desire to experience itself. The original seed of the 1 gave birth to what became the whole Macrocosm, so the Macrocosm's view in its mirror (66) is clearly the key to the 1's self-acceptance in the mirror of itself (11). The 66 is 6 x 11 so there is extra digital integrity in the relationship between 11 and 66.

12 is the number of humanity, shown by the great male (1) and female (2) archetypes standing side by side in companionship, evoking the 12 astrological types. The secret key to the 12 is 78 - which is why there are 78 cards in a traditional taro deck - which tells the story of the journey of the human.

13 is change. As it is the first number to reduce to 4 it has often been interpreted as relating to changes on and changes of the earth plane. Now we see its key is 91, which is 7 x 13, so we are shown that it relates to change on all seven levels. So we understand that change cannot occur on any one level without affecting all other levels. The 91 is also the 6th solid pyramid number which invites us to look at the integration of spirit and matter in the context of the 6 which is Love and the whole Macrocosm. We then put that in the context of the universe being in a perpetual state of change in order to be alive. Thirteen never was unlucky. It got a bad press because people were frightened of change. It was shown as death in the taro because death is a dramatic form of change. The 91 key confirms that birth and death are just different viewpoints of the same process.

14 is balance in meeting: the conscious and subconscious aspects of our 7 chakras interacting with each other to produce a balanced 2 x 7. The key to 14 is 105. In the 105, the microcosm (5) stands apart from the Unity of the One to see it clearly and respectfully, only the primordial spirit (0) is between them. Then the 5-ness within us can come into harmony with the way 10 manifests in the universe. The wisdom of the 2 is at work here in the 7-to-14 relationship and the 5-to-10 relationship. We could see 105 as either 5 x 21, or as 7 x 15, or as 3 x 5 x 7, or perhaps better as 1 x 3 x 5 x 7. In 5 x 21 it relates the microcosm to perfect understanding between male and female. The 7 x 15 shows discernment in spirituality. In 1 x 3 x 5 x 7 it shows the first four male manifestations of the symbolic concepts embodied in number, and this is in the key to one of the most feminine numbers! In the context of the 105 revealing more to us about the 14, the theme of the 7-ness through both would appear to be the important factor.

No further secret keys are relevant to the internal relationships within the present sequence of Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottles, although every bottle has its secret key number which can be calculated easily.

There is one further secret key which is relevant to us in the context of the whole Aura-Soma Equilibrium Bottle sequence being a revelation of the Tree of Life in the language of colour.

The Sepher Yetzirah talks about: "Twenty two signs of foundation, fixed in a wheel in two hundred and thirty one gates, ..." - referring to arranging the letters of the Hebrew alphabet around a circle, then joining them in every possible paired combination with 231 straight lines. The letters are the original labels for the 22 Paths, so these 231 gates tell us that there are unseen gateways from every Path directly to every other Path on the Tree.

The 231 is the secret key to the 21 which showed us the final phase in the relationship between 1 and 2, and 21 is the secret key to the 6 which is Love and the macrocosm, then 6 is the secret key to the 3 which shows us the original merger of 1 and 2, finally 3 is the secret key to the 2 which began the birth process of all number, So 231 is the blossoming of the most important sequence within a sequence. In 231 we see that none of the digits is in its home position (would be 123), so 231 shares that important feature with 21: indeed, 231 plays the same role among three-digit numbers as 21 played among those of two digits.

Incidentally, notice that arranging 22 stations in a circle gets us the key to (22 - 1 =) 21. An equivalent can graphic can be produced from any number. For instance 10 lines will connect all combinations of 5 points round a circle, and 10 is the key to the 4 (= 5 - 1). Then 15 lines connect 6 points, and 21 lines connect 7 points, and so on. In all cases the number of connections is the secret key to the number which is one less than the number of points round the circle.

Perfect Numbers

Another concept identified in ancient Greece:

"Take a number, find out every number you can divide it by and add those up. If that gets you back to the number you first thought of, then your original number is perfect."

Perfect numbers are rare beasts. The sequence of perfect numbers begins 6; 28; 496; 8,128; 33,550,336; and 8,589,869,056.

Their relevance here is that every perfect number discovered so far is also a triangular number, so perfect numbers are among the secret keys.

To illustrate their mechanics: 28 can be divided by only 14, 7, 4, 2, and 1. When we add 14 + 7 + 4 + 2 + 1 we get back to 28.

1 key to itself. Mathematicians do not regard 1 as a perfect number despite its fulfilling the brief, but for a numerologist every sequence begins with the One.

6 which is the key to 3
28 key to 7
496 key to 31
8,128 key to 127
33,550,336 key to 8,191
8,589,869,056 key to 131,071

This puts a big spotlight on Bottles 6 and 28. It also highlights 3, 7, and 31 as the bottles who have secret keys which are perfect. Notice the red theme in the bottles of the perfects, and the green theme in the bottles which have perfect secret keys.

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