Heading underline

All of nature tells a story.

To the glory of life

So much to be found

If we stop and look around.

Breath and listen too

Stop the chatter

Just be present to the sound

Of wind and bleating lambs

To the joy in the trees

as the birds

find their nests


The sheep in the background, in the field on the left, are still waiting for their sheering. Ner cast a clout til May is out goes an old English saying. The farmer is waiting to be sure there will be no more frost too. The old tree is looking so inviting and worn, even crusty. It is green with a velvet moss. Will it cast its velvety cloak as the weather improves? Is it an old hawthorn from a hedge of long ago. This image was taken in northern Cornwall. Look you can see right under its roots and out the other side. The rabbits must have had fun playing hide and seek.

writing and photography by Claudia Booth